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For me, the excellence of this episode is that it defies expectation and doesn't turn into a polemic against the death penalty. I have read a lot of comments about the show, and people insist that QL was a left wing, liberal mindset example of Hollywood. The often cite Dance, and I think to myself, Did you even watch the episode to the end??? It's not anti-death penalty; it's anti rush-to-judgement-and-execute-the-wrong-person-because-he's-a-poor-minority-who-didn't-get-a-fair-trial-anyway. As law and order as I am, I can get behind that completely.

This is one that my hubby will stop and watch even if he's just wandering through the room when it's on, it's that compelling. I love Tearsa, and the scene where she slaps Sam out of frustration. The whole episode is totally intense, with the escalating sense of panic, but it has one of the funniest lines from Al: Sam asks him What took you so long? And Al replies, exasperated, It's not like you're lost at the mall, Sam. You're lost in time!
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