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An unforgetable episode without o doubt,but not enough to be Excellent.
It was a very tense and strong episode,but...Well the second time i've seen this episode(the first time was like 15 years ago so i didn't remember it in the second time i've seen it - 4 years ago) I thought it was an amazing and an excellent episode. the third time i've seen it(a year ago) i thought it was an excellent episode,something i'll put on my top 5 list of QL. but the last time i've seen it(yesterday) i realized that this episode will have huge effect on any viewer in the first time(and maybe in the second time) he'll watch it,but each time you'll see it again,this effect slowly disappeared,'Couse the "magic's gone"... And that the Difference between this episode,in my opinion,to episode like "MIA","Good night ,dear heart","The leap home 1&2" and above all those "the B**gieman" that no matter how many times you've seen it they will still have a great effect on you.
In the Bottom line - the script just wasn't good enough,but it still has a great effect on the viewer.
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