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Originally Posted by RossBeckett View Post
David Hewlett
as Matthew R. McKay
(Executive Producer; Time Stream)

Amanda Tapping
as Samantha Stratton
(Co-Exec/Head Writer; Time Stream)

Bruce Greenwood
as Stephen J. Cannell
(Writer/Producer; Time Stream)
Cannell was the Exec Producer of a show that also exists in the real world called Greatest American Hero. He used to be a close friend of Matt's.

David Schwimmer
as 1st Asst. Director
Calvin "Cal" Elwes

Not sure yet who Sam will leap into, but I'm kinda leaning towards Schwimmer's character Cal Elwes. That character is modeled after Tim Busfield's Studio 60 alter ego, Cal Shanley.
Other characters:
Zoe Solomon(Co-Developer of Time Stream)Matt's friend from High School.
Shana Lancaster(Matt's ex-girlfriend from Paducah)
J.R. Bourne as Gene Stockdale(actor) plays the part of the time traveller.

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