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Originally Posted by servo75 View Post
Now, regarding the Buddy Holly thing... I like this episode because of its quirkiness, but yes this ending is weird. I agree with the OP, Buddy Holly wrote the song just fine the first time around, and it's not one of those "the changed history is OUR real history" (as in Lee Harvey Oswald) because as the OP pointed out, Sam recognized the song.
I think that the point is, with Sam having helped Buddy Holly with the lyrics, he must have come up with the song QUICKER in the revised timeline, and so probably had time to make more music before his untimely death.

And why DID Sam ride Widowmaker if he had no intention of "marrying" Tess? Sam should have leaped as soon as Tess showed up because the Doc and Tess didn't marry in the original history.
Probably to show Tess that he could do it. Sam's/Doc's pride was on the line.

I also want to comment on the "up against it" comment as Sam looked in the mirror. Presumably he looked at Doc's reflection at some other point since his leap-in so this shouldn't have been a surprise. I agree with the OP it was an insinuation that Tess was "out of Doc's league" but apart from that I don't get it. And why is mirror image Doc wearing glasses while Sam wasn't? Maybe the feeling was that if Sam were wearing them it would "give away" something about Doc, but articles of clothing and eyewear would not leap forward with the leapee.
I think it's meant to imply that Doc was much older than Tess, not so much uglier. And I can forgive the mirror shot for having glasses, as they were so new to the series and didn't have everything sorted out yet.
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