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What about Al (either as seen in the episodes in action during a Leap or aspects of his backstory as revealed during a Leap) do you find the most poignant?
For me, it would be his interaction with Teresa, the four year old in Another Mother. Pre-MI, he's this gruff, salty Navy guy, and yet he's just so sweet to the little girl, teaching her about dinosaurs, and so proud when she can name them.

As for outfits, a couple times in the 4th season he wore this sort of salmon-colored suit with cut-outs on the lapels. I always thought that would make a nice skirt suit for me for church. (heh.)

OTHER than Beth---which of Al's ex-wives would you be most curious to see a reunion with?
Maxine, definitely. I'm really curious about that "mint flavored toes" trick.

Slightly off-topic: I would love to see both Al and Sam in their Navy dress whites spliced onto the same frame (Al in The Leap Home: Vietnam and Sam in A Leap for Lisa). I'd probably need a cigarette after that.
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