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This one is hard to watch. Brilliant, edgy, ambitious, right on point, but too painful to see as an entertainment. I have to be in a right frame of mind to watch it.

Lonnie is such a ball of rage; he's mad at everyone and everything: The white cops for kicking the crap out of innocent people for no reason; his brother, who is going to leave the neighborhood and probably never come back once he's a "rich doctor"; his mother, who's going to let him; the white girlfriend for turning the kid's head; the neighbors for trashing their own neighborhood; white society for making them have to do things the violent way; life in general for never letting him be a man; poverty; hopelessness; and the heat.

It's that unrelenting rage and violence, even from the teaser, that makes this one so difficult for me to watch. I generally skip it. But it's an excellent episode - a piece of work right up there with Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing.
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