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I have heard the story of how Black on White on Fire was hated on for it's mixed relationship theme but if any episode makes sense to receive hate for a negative portrayal I'd say it's this one.
Thinking more about the task while watching today, my best friend and I were bothered by the theme of the episode supporting Billy Jean keeping the child. True, regrets are common with adoption and it's sad. It's no crime that Sam feels for the adult Billy Jean who yearns for her daughter and obviously he made it work in an acceptable way but regrets don't mean the right choice wasn't made. It was irresponsible and unfair to both parties to allow a 16 year old the care of a child, to sacrifice her life for that responsibility.

Lightning McQueenie I am sorry but you are incorrect. It's directly referenced that the baby had leaped with Billy Jean when Al at the end announces that it disappeared from her womb. This brings me to my next point, how that statement makes no sense. A fetus is attached to the mother's womb via an umbilical cord, how could that connection have been broken for a disappearing act without the detaching process during birthing? Then where could it have settled during those few moments after it disappeared before Sam leaped out? Obviously he is not equipped to carry it.

Another thing that got us thinking was Sam's comment to Al about asking the future, adult Billy Jean what she would have wanted done. Obviously he was speaking out of frustration but we don't see why this couldn't have actually been possible and with Sam seemingly out of options, worth a try. Our idea was that Ziggy could find her current phone number and then they would have Beeks pretend to be conducting a phone survey concerning mothers who gave their children up for adoption and what different option they would have preferred if they could redo it. The only thing being that by that point there probably wasn't time for it.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
Finally, the doctor in 1955 said that he could see the head crowning... How was it possible for Sam to start giving birth without having a vagina?
This is the one thing which is possible through the aura that everyone around Sam sees which in this case would include the baby due to it's connection to Billy Jean's body. The Mind-Merging concept wasn't officially introduced until season 4 in the episode Dreams, the first time Sam ever channel's a leapee's mind but here we have the first hint to it with Sam's experiencing the pregnancy symptoms. For example when he felt the baby kick that was him channeling part of the leapee. This seems to be caused by the trauma of a situation, the stress carrying a baby puts on the body in this case, the same as how he ended up with Jack Stone's traumatic childhood memory in Dreams. At this point however the Mind-Melding concept had not occurred to anyone let alone Sam, not until the the simo-leap when he and Al swapped sexual mind sets. It took longer still for Al to buy into it, he was writing it off when Sam pitched it in Dreams.

The theme and aura confusion aside this will always be pretty much the most humorous female leap. I remember one of the first times (if not THE first) I watched the pilot (which was not my first episode, Double Identity was) Peg had made me randomly ponder the prospect of Sam leaping into a pregnant woman. I however had written the thought off thinking that impossible and then I discover this episode! HA!
Sam's experience of the pregnancy was not only historical especially with the Jello and Onions and him showing as he's being wheeled into the delivery room "I'M HAVING THIS BABY" but was also very touching. The smile it puts on his face when he feels the baby kick and his excitement to share that with Al was adorable. Pity, he'd make a wonderful father. I could actually see him going around announcing to everyone he comes in contact with that he felt his baby move if he were ever to conceive with Donna.

Sam Beckett the only man to ever get the technically real entire pregnancy experience which I say makes the pregnancy vest totally invalid! LOL.
On the subject, this experience (which did include the pregnancy vest during prep) actually benefited Scott since his wife happened to be pregnant during this episode. How awesome is that?

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