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Originally Posted by ohboy
3. Zoey

I sort of liked the Evil Leaper concept, but I just thought Zoey was a well-written character.
Hmm. that's funny. Zoey was actually my least favorite character ever.
That's a matter of opinion of course, I can see why some people may like her, and she was funny, no doubt there. But I found her really flat and unbelievable. Where Al was over the top in a believable, justified way. Zoey was over the top just for the sake of being over the top. Thames was almost worse. I guess if we'd had a chance to know the characters better it may have swayed me, but as it was I was very unhappy about QL having bad (there are many anime characters with much more depth) cartoon characters on the show. It was such a switch in style. I really hated it. The storyline concepts were darker and quite interesting, I didn't mind that so much, although I didn't buy into doing evil for it's own sake. In the end Alia and the way she was acted, superbly if you ask me, was really the only redeeming quality for me.

Sorry about the detour rant, it needed out. *Grin* feeling better now.
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