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I'm going to add that the lists I've been making are far from complete, especially for Season, I only watched the Season 2 & 3 DVDs once. If other people have the original broadcast recordings and can help fill in the blanks, it would be appreciated.

I might as well also use this space to mention that "Last Dance Before an Execution" has the same audio problem that "Jimmy" had in Season 2: the audio track for the entire episode sounds slightly distorted, like a 33 RPM vinyl album playing at 32 RPMs...just enough to throw the sound off; Scott's voice sounds a bit deeper than normal. Listen to the opening credit sequence in other episodes, then play the same sequence in "Jimmy" and "Last Dance" and you'll see what I mean.

Guess it really is too much to ask the people who put these things together to even check that the master transfer was successful before they encoded the data onto the mass-produced DVD copies.
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