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Originally Posted by blue enigma View Post
Down to Sea in Ships is a really good one.

There is an off-topic section, so you can check there for information on the actor's other works. An even better source, if you haven't already checked it out is the IMDB site ( Type in the name to get to each actor's page, which has their list of work, bios, trivia, awards they've won/been nominated for, etc. Scott and Dean's pages are pretty comprehensive.
Ok,that movie is going to be the first one I will watch.
I have visited Quantum Leap imdb board several times but not to spoil myself about the episodes I haven't seen yet,I had to stop.

Speaking of his child era movies,I watched Anchors Weigh--a lovely movie of Sinatra&Kelly-- today and he was there,too.I didn't have any difficulty to recognize him when he pops up this time.
The cutest thing is he wants to join the Navy in the movie,one can create an unofficial bio of Al with those scenes

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