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Default Quiz show ignorance

Here in England, we have a quiz show called 'Pointless'. The idea is that they give 100 people 100 seconds to name as many '____' as possible. Then the contestants have to pick the answers that the fewest people gave. The couple with the LEAST points at the end wins and, to get the money, in the last round they have to find a pointless answer - one that none of the hundred gave.

Maybe sounds complex, but it makes sense when you watch it.

Anyway, one round today was words beginning with Q.
They gave 'definitions' and contestants had to find the q word - eg. 'slang term for 1 coin' answer quid. High score of 100 so not a good one to pick.
Female monarch = queen. 98 score [which 2 people didn't know THAT?]
Mid range answers included 'dish containing egg, cheese and bacon in pastry' answer quiche.

The lowest scoring answer? "Sci-fi show starring Scott Bakula"
None of the contestants knew it for sure, though one said 'the only one I can think of would possibly be Quantum Leap.'
Naturally, I picked it, and would have won the round, as of 100 people asked, only 27 knew it!
Shame on them.
Shame I say.

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