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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
Yeah I am confused as well here. how do my like for It's a Wonderful Leap and my hate for the trilogies connect? So I like Angela and hate Abigale , what's the problem? And I also agree that I found the partiular wording of that sentence kind of rude, as if your list here is the only correct one and that you were scoffing at me for disliking trilogies. I have never once scoffed at any trilogy likers. which leads me back to what I said above about not everyone sharing your opinion.
Sigh. Some people like lighthearted episodes and other people like darker episodes. There is always some pattern to be made (even on my list). Some people take into account that Sam does something which is in character and others don't. Doesn't make one person better then the other, but you can very easily see a pattern emerge. And that's why it's obvious to me that you like most episodes on this list, and will probably dislike most episodes on my other list. Just as it is the other way around (I dislike your favourites, so I will probably like the ones you dislike). Pure logic and nothing else.

What anybody gets out of an episode is for him/her to decide, but things like quality of the script can be measured. If you like the script itself is another matter.
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