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Sam knew two things, even though he could see the man. The first, much to his relief, was that the voice did not belong to Hank, or the two men that Hank was with. The second was that the man seemed not angry, but at the least very serious. He had a feeling that this wasn't a social call. Sam turned to Betty, to see if she knew who he was. The look on her face told him that she didn't. Finally, though, he saw a hint of recognition on Betty's face.

"Who is it, Betty?" Sam asked. "I, uh, can't see because the sun is in my eyes?"

"I can't either, and I almost forgot who the voice belonged to. But that is you, isn't it. Bill?"

Sam put his hand over his eyes, and could see a rather gruff man with a beard, glaring at the two. So this was Bill. Sam figured he could try to gather some information, but before he could, Bill spoke again.

"Can we speak in private, Gerry. I have... something that needs discussing."
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