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Let's see, Night Terror. I think Beethoven, especially "The Four Seasons" is wonderful. Another is the "Ride of the Valyerkies" (think of those old Maxell casette-tape commercials). However, almost any orchestra music I like, and would recommendt to those who like this type of music, because each has a different mood, and it really is a different experience. Therefore, my recommendation is that if you haven't heard a song before, you should at least listen to it once.

Sadly, though, from where I live, there are very few symphanies, except for at the community college, which I think does two a semester. This isn't a very cultural town I live in when it comes to music and arts. After all, I live in the far north of California, near Mt. Shasta and the forest-areas surrounding it. So I don't get to hear a lot of it. But I'll keep your suggestion in mind, Niight Terror.

I also like a lot of the Beetle's later songs (like "Elanor Rigsby" and "Strawberry Fields"), mainly because the music is rather deep, and requires some thought and interpretation. I don't really like "throw-away" lyrics or songs too much.
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