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Originally Posted by mgcrans
I'm almost past the point where I even get excited about the seasons being released. Now with the region 2 DVDs going the way of the US releases, I can barely look forward to it.

I understand where you're coming from, but fortunately the music was not as profound in the episodes in Season 5. There's really only three episodes here, in my opinion, that had semi-critical music: "Nowhere To Run," "Memphis Melody" and "Mirror Image." "Nowhere To Run" had a nice scene where Sam asks the leapee's girlfriend if it would have made a difference if he had legs, where she said, "I don't know." In that case it was a cover song, though, so there should be no problem. "Memphis Melody" had all its music sung by Scott Bakula, so there should be no problem there either. Really the only thing to worry about is "Mirror Image" where I need not mention the finale. Given the fact that this set has at least one extra, I'm actually not pessimistic about it. I've been waiting to have Season 5 on DVD for a long time...
- Chris
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