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Originally Posted by angvav View Post
I don't like head banging.
Hehehe! Me neither.

I don't like rap, either, and I absolutely loathe reggaeton. That one can't even be considered as music, in my opinion.

But hey, very interesting tastes here.

By the way, ohboy, can you recommend me some orchestra albums/artists? Since you're into wordless/orchestral music, I highly recommend you "The Belly Of An Architect", by Wim Mertens.

Errowyn, why do you say your tastes are all over the place? No way! I love celtic/gaelic, too. Can you recommend some albums/artists? And hey, you gotta listen to Loreena Mckennit, that's if you haven't already.

Ang, I love some classics from the 50's, too. I listen to them on the radio quite often.

And Ziggy, Weird Al sounds interesting. I understand he parodies many things in his songs, am I right?

Well, I hope more people come.
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