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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
To be fair Sam as well was selfish in ensuring she married him since he in fact justified the fear of abandonment which tore her from him in the initial timeline.

I'd say it's Donna who is the selfless (or I suppose you could say stupid) spouse to wait so patiently for a husband who roams through time with no memory of her and being quite intament with several other woman but knows that he is fulfilling a special and great purpose by doing do.
Yeah, this is the way I see it.

I really do hate this story arc in case I haven't made that entirely obvious already, lol. Though it's completely understandable it's also an extremely selfish move on Sam's part. It's unrealistic that one meeting with her father would change her and alleviate her fears so drastically, and then of course Sam himself turns around and brings them right to the surface again.

Also I think both writers could have done a better job with Donna as a character. She's pretty two-dimensional in both episodes, and is really just there as a device for creating extra angst for Sam in The Leap Back [and he doesn't even seem particularly upset that he has to leave her again -- which to be fair is probably because the episode is so rushed]. I really admire writers like Melanie Rawn in Knights of the Morningstar and Sandy Hall, Sharon Wisdom and Michelle Agnew in Hope and Glory (Oh Boy IV) who were able to flesh out her character so beautifully with so little to go on.
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