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Default Quantum leap a leap for merlin

Part 1

Merlin walks up to king Arthur and says to Arthur.

"your majesty what do you bib from me?"

The king on his throne says

"camalot is in a state of emergency what we need now is a champion Merlin a champion that is pure of heart because there is a storm on the horizon and it is coming and if we don't find anyone soon our kingdom will be lost"

Merlin holding his wizards staff says

"your majesty I will find you a champion I bib thee fairwell and will let you know when he arrives"

King Arthur smiles

And as Merlin takes his leave the king says to Merlin

"don't fail us otherwise our kingdom is doomed"

Merlin leaves and as he enters his study and he looks at his crystal ball and says in a magical spell and says outloud.

"find me a champion that can save our kingdom from beyond space and time"

With Merlins eyes glowing blue when the spell was casted the crystal ball slowly fills up with blue light and Sam Beckett is standing in his time machine and the blue energy of his leaping covers him with wave after wave of light.

And Merlin looking closely at the crystal ball with interest says outloud

"a fellow wizard..... Bring me this champion...."

He raises his hands up towards the sky and a blue flash appears in the wizards tower.

Then meanwhile Sam's leap is pulled backwards in time dragging him back into time........

When wave after wave the blue light of Sam's quantum leap in fades away Sam finds himself on top of the battlements of kings Arthur castle and dressed in a full suit of armor...

Another knight walks up to Sam and says

"come with me?"

And Sam takes off his medieval helmet and says

"oh boy!"

End of part 1
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