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Part 2

As Sam is walking down a spiral stone stair case in full metal armor he heard the metal sound of the suit hit against the stone while following the knight in front of him.

Thousands of questions started to fill his mind and two of them was.

"where am I? And most importantly when?"

Meanwhile project quantum leap

Al walks into the control room and says to gooshire

"warm up the imaging chamber will ya gooshire"

The head programmer looks up from the console and says

"we don't have a lock on Sam yet?"

"that's strange what's taking so long?"

Ziggy starts to say

"admiral I was tracking Sam's leap when suddenly he disappeared from his own time stream. We don't know where Sam is at the moment?"

"he hasn't leaped outside his own life time again? Ziggy has he?"

"it is quite possible admiral"

"Well Sam is doing well at the moment in leaping outside his own life time I have to give him that he's done it now a few times OK let me know once you have a lock"

"I will alert you once a lock is established"

Al walks out of the control room and heads for the projects canteen.....

When Sam reached the bottom of the stairs merlin stops them both and looks at Sam and says.

"you sir knight you have a strange blue glow about you, you are the one I am looking for"

Sam looking confused merlin dismissed the first knight and says to sam again as the first knight is out of ear shot.

"so you are Sam Beckett"

Sam looking completely loss for words replys

"yes how do you know that?"

"it is I Sam who brought you here I will explain everything later you must follow me now to see the king at once come with me"

Sam follows merlin and says

"oh boy!"

End of part 2
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