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Part 3

Merlin walks back into the kings Court and as merlin and Sam approaches the kings throne.

Merlin says to the king

"your majesty the champion that you requested is now here I introduce Sam Beckett! the hero who has come from a great distance to our shores"

Merlin encourages Sam to step forward.

Sam says

"your majesty"

He bows

The king not looking very impressed says


"your majesty what is the problem?"

"merlin I know this knight he is not a champion at all well not quite yet anyway is this a joke?"

"ah you're majesty Sam is a fellow wizard like myself and he has the ability to leap himself into other people and become them in a way"

"leap into? He's not a shape shifter merlin Is he?"

Merlin touches Sam's arm and at that same moment the king can see Sam's real face and says.

"ah merlin his face has changed in front of me and I can see the stranger you speak of so this is Sam"

Sam says

"hello your majesty"

The king smiles and says

"Sam I hope you can save our kingdom a great evil is on the horizon and we need someone to save us"

"I will do my best your majesty"

The king smiles and says

"Merlin take Sam and start his training at once he must be ready time is of the essence. "

Merlin bows and says

"yes your majesty"

And merlin leaves the court with Sam.......

Al pours himself a hot mug of coffee and slowly drinks his coffee while sat down on a chair next to a table in the canteen Al takes the colored hand link from his jacket pocket and taps the device and says.

"any joy yet?"

"am afraid not admiral"

Ziggy talking through the Hand link Al places the device on the table and says

"OK continue with a location search this time gooshire can do it Al out."

Al taps the link and puts the device back in his jacket pocket and says to himself

"where ever you are Sam hang in there Sam"

End of part 3
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