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Part 4

When both Sam and merlin reached merlin's study.

Sam noticed that in study up high in the wizards tower looked like a typical. wizards study there was book cases every where and in the center of the room lay the crystal ball on top of a small stone column.

Merlin stood at the other side of the crystal ball and said

"Sam let's start your training"

"first before we start are you really merlin? I thought you where just a story a myth?"

"it is I I am merlin"

Merlin opened his left hand and merlin's eyes started to glow orange and a fire ball instantly appeared in his hands and vanished a few seconds later.

Sam was taken a back a little by the magic and said.

"OK if you are really merlin how do you know me? And how did you bring me here?"

"the orb Sam the crystal showed me you.

I was looking for a hero who was pure of heart and the crystal showed me you.... and your time to just bring you here Sam I had to bend the natural laws of time so when your mission here is done I will de cast the spell and you will go back to your own established time line. "

" OK thank you I was wondering about that because normally I can't leap out side my own life time. "

" I know that Sam but don't worry my magic is making it possible for you to be here with out it you couldn't be here at all. "

" what year is it? "

" it is the year of our lord 1202 AD

"1202! AD Oh boy, oh boy! 'oh boy"

"OK I need your help merlin I have a friend called Al he is my friend from the future and he keeps in contact with me via brainwaves transmissions I need you to use a spell so Ziggy at the project can lock on to me so Al can help me because with out your help they will never find me "

Merlin listens closely to Sam and replies

" I will consult the orb what year is Al from? "

" 1999"

He waves his hands over the crystal and merlin's eyes grow blue and then the crystal slowly fills up with the image of the quantum leap mountain with it glowing with blue quantum leap energy covering the whole mountain.

"that's it merlin please help me"

Merlin takes a deep breath and raises his hands above his head and shouts out loud

"may Sam's friends find him in the here and now!"

Merlin's eyes glow quantum leap blue.....

Al after finishing his coffee the hand link in his jacket pocket starts groaning very excitedly.

Al takes the device from his pocket taps it and as the information is displayed in front of him he quickly takes his leave and runs into the control room.

As soon as Al enters the room he says.

"ziggy where's Sam?"

"admiral I have a lock on Dr beckett he has leaped to camalot in the medieval period the year is 1202 AD"

"1202 AD? How is that even possible?"

"am not sure admiral but you may now see Dr beckett if you would like too"

"gooshire warm up the imaging chamber am going in"

With the chamber warmed up Al walks up the ramp quickly and taps the hand link and the imaging chamber door opens and closes after Al enters the room.

End of part 4

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