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Part 5

Suddenly the imaging chamber door opens and Al steps out and says


"Al!" Sam smiles, merlin says

" I will give you a few minutes with your friend"

And for a moment merlin looks at Al being able to see him and takes his leave.

merlin walks over to the nearby bookcase and pulls a near by book the book case moves to open and shows a secret compartment he steps through and the book case closes again.

Al says

"that man has just gone through a secret passageway that's cool"

"I know Al"

"but it's so good to see you Sam we thought we would never find you"

"how did you get a lock on me Al?"

Al looks at the hand link with it flashing like a Christmas tree.

"not sure Sam one minute we couldn't find you the next we obtained a lock"

"so who am I Al?"

"let's see Sam"

Al taps the hand link and says

"OK your leaped into Aglovale de galis and you are, a knight of the round table And the year is 1202 AD and it's camelot England and ziggys not sure why you're here Sam and we are trying to find data from this time period but it's going to take some time Sam"

Sam nods

"who was that man Sam?"

"you wouldn't believe me if I told you?"

"try me Sam"

"OK it was merlin"

"merlin? But he wasn't real Sam?"

"Well here's here is and he seems real anuff I think he brought me here"

"brought you here?"

"yes because how else can I be here If without his intervention."

Al taps the hand link and says

"I see...." looking with unbelieving look on his face and continues to say

"I'll see if I can speed things up with Ziggy"

He taps the hand link and Al disappears back into the future.

Merlin appears as if out of nowhere in a blue flash and says

"let's continue now shall we Sam with your training?"

"where did you come from?"

"with magic Sam anything is possible"

End of part 5
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