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Default Quantum leap a leap of genius

Chapter 5

After work Sam's mind was merging a little with Alberts mind and he knew exactly where he lived and went home after a hard day work.

The Einsteinhaus (Einstein House) is the residence*of Albert Einstein. It was located on Kramgasse No. 49 in Bern, Switzerland. Sam went to Alberts flat on the second floor*of*the*house*was his wife greeted him.

As soon as he closed the front door.

The imaging chamber door opens and Al walks out wearing his admiral uniform with a serious look on his face and says to Sam.

"we need to talk Sam big time."

He encourages Sam to follow him and the hand link goans in his hands.

Sam nods and says to his wife.

"I won't be long"

With a confused look on her face Sam walks into one of the unused rooms in his flat.

And Al hits the hand link and disappears and reappears in Albert einstein study room.

Sam enters the room and closes the door behind him and sits down on the chair opposite his desk. The room has book shelves every were, were the whole shelves are filled with books to do with all kinds of different subjects Alberts desk had a lot of papers on top of it and Sam grabs the near by pipe and puts it in his mouth and starts to smoke it and crosses his legs as he sits and says to Al and waits to listen to what Al has to say.

"what do you have for me Al? Does Ziggy know why am here yet?"

"Sam your acting just like Albert"

Sam with a very disapproving look on his face replays.

"am not Al just tell me why am here?"

Al taps the hand link and the hand link flashes more and says.

"since your leap into Albert Sam your leap has been noticed Sam."

Sam leaning forward interested.

"by who?"

"by the president Sam they decided in a serect meeting that your mission here Sam is to stop Albert from coming up with the theory of relativity and result and stop the world from coming up with the atom bomb."

Sam says

"I can't do that Al if I stopped Albert that is going to cause big changes Al so many changes that we won't predict what could happen."

"I know Sam but the situation at the project has changed"

"how so?"

"The army has used their emergency powers Sam they have taken over the project."

"they can't do that Al"

Al looks at the hand link and says

"try telling them that Sam"

"and if you don't for fill your mission Sam they could close down the project and court Marshall me."

"and does Ziggy agree with them Al?"

Al taps the hand link and says

"the odds look really good Sam"

"really Al?"

"Sam this isn't up for discussion this situation is totally different Sam this time your under orders by the president of the United States of America, America not me or Ziggy is asking you to do this."

Sam says "oh boy!"

End of chapter 5
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