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Default "Ghost Whisperer" the new QL?

I watched this show's premier Friday night, and thought about some of the metaphors that were used in QL. The primary person she had to help was a Vietnam MIA. He was "lost", and wanted to get to his wife. Jennifer (I forgot her character's name) went to his son and his very pregnant wife and told them what the deceased soldier had told her about where his chopper went down. Of course they thought that she was scamming them, and sent her away. But their attitude changed when the Pentagon began searching the jungle.
The funeral scene was poignant and touching, as this soldier, missing for 33 years, was brought home, and laid to rest with full military honors. He got to see that his son turned out fine, and got to see his grandson before he "leaped" into the light and joined his wife. They ended the ep at the cemetary, and after the soldier "leaped" there was another family of mourners at a nearby gravesite. The father turned towards Jennifer, and asked "You can see us?"
I was waiting for the "Oh, boy!"
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