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LOL *hums Twilight Zone theme*...

Strange things happened after I saw Boogiem*n for the first time. The last scenes of the episode, a light bulb blew out. And as soon as the episode was over, the power went out. It freaked me out!

Haha, when I saw The Ring in theaters, i was with two of my best friends. When I got home, I called one of them of their cell and did the whole whispering "seven days" thing...needless to say I scared the hell out of him. I did the same when I saw The Grudge with my best friend. That night at like midnight I called her cell and did that gravelly croaky sound that the evil thing that kills ppl made (those who have seen it know what I am talking about). She freaked at first, but she realized it was me, cussed me out, then hung up. It was fun!

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