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Originally Posted by Debra

I'm glad you are putting my mind at ease because I stopped watching the episodes on dvd in 2004 just as I got to the Bo*giem*n. I had watched all the episodes prior to that one all at once. I could not stop watching them. Then I found this message board and people started to freak me out.
I think the discussion of the bo*giem*n can freak me out too, I don't think you mean any of us are freaking you out . . . do you ?

Having watched most of QL in its first run to the end and missing Bgmn the first time I was experiencing a tone of scaryness that I have not felt in a long, long, long-long, long time. Its a strange episode to say the least, but it worked if the intension was to get you grabbing for the cushions.
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