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Originally Posted by leaper1
Yes, there are times when he lets his feelings override this concern, as with Abigail, but Sam is only human, and in each case the woman was at least a willing participant in the act - he never forced anyone.

On a point of accuracy Will was not Abigail's husband (the wedding never actually took place)
Just to add to this, I suspect that Abigail did at least sense Sam's presence there despite the fact that she didn't necessarily know it was him. She makes a comment that something was different which was right around the time that Sam leaped in. Would Abigail's feelings for Will have been as intense if Sam had never leaped in? Of course she'd still love Will if Sam had never gone there, but I suspect it wouldn't be anywhere near as intense. I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that in some of these cases, perhaps both Sam and the women he was trying to help needed things just the way they transpired.

And regarding Diane McBride, an interesting little twist of fate was that she probably eventually realized that she did sleep with Sam when she was reminded of his name in the committee hearing... So while she had no idea at the time, maybe she realized and accepted it later. Better late than never, I guess?
- Chris
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