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Default The Issue

My biggest complaint is the one that Bellasario created when he decided to do the Leap Back and actually have Sam married. Up until that time, it was simply a possibility. The first leap after Genesis was Star Crossed and it was left with the fact that Donna had been engaged to someone BEFORE she met Sam and it was distinctly possible that she married that man before Sam would even meet her.

Then Bellasario got all hot and bothered that Deborah Pratt was going to do Trilogy. So he made an end run around her and wrote the Leap Back episode. From that point on...the question is no longer an if (unless you take the stance that Donna is a variable and sometimes he's married to her and sometimes he's not) but rather that she is married to him and is at the project. Going forward from there, Sam most intense loves were with Tamlyn and Abigail...both AFTER the Leap Back. So for certain Sam is now committing adultery. The fact that he doesn't remember Donna can not be used as an excuse, unless you don't believe that marriage is a sacrement. to the women (5 in a total of five years of leaping and 2 of those AFTER Leap Back,) I don't think that they actually minded one bit. I agree with my fellow Helen across the pond...asking how we would feel if Sam leapt into our significant other...I'll just take the fifth on answering that and just say, I'm glad this is a fictious storyline and isn't really more then an excercise in consideration.
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