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Originally Posted by leaper1
I think there are two reasons why Al doesn't remind Sam that he is married.

Firstly, Donna told him not to - that he couldn't do what he has to do if he knew.
Secondly, linked to that, Al told Sam things that he thought it would HELP Sam to know. Al agrees that it would hamper Sam to know that he is married and has a wife waiting at home. And here I'm not talking about curtailing his romantic life, but that it would make it harder for him to do what he needs to do to help people.
Maybe I'm just expanding on what Helen already said, but I think a big reason why Al and Donna agreed not to tell Sam that she exists is that Sam would be miserable if he knew that he had a wife that he couldn't see or even remember. Even if Al told him Donna exists, he probably still wouldn't remember anything about her. He knows Tina and Gooshie exist, but doesn't remember anything about them beyond what Al has told him. He would feel horribly guilty about abandoning Donna and being unable to return to her, and double guilty if he also felt attracted to a woman that he met on a leap. His bizarre life is difficult enough without adding this burden to it. So Donna is making a sacrifice, doing what little she can to make things easier for him. I guess that's just the long way of saying "it would make it harder for him to do what he needs to do."
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