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There is time between leaps. The show talks about that. Sometimes a few days, sometimes longer. Sometimes the leaps happen right after another.

I didn't say Sam was in the future between leaps. I said that time may move differently or not at all between leaps. That may mean that Sam may not age the same way as people living day to day existence.

From a physics standpoint...particle acceleration generally raises the speed of the particles to just below that of the speed of light. Einstein showed that if a person was traveling at the speed of light, they would seem to age normally to themselves, but if compared to a person living day to day existence on the earth, they would be aging slower. Thus, when the person traveling at the speed of light came back to earth (usually the concept of twins is used to present this), the twin on earth would have aged more then the twin who was traveling at light speed.

Sam stepped into the accelerator and vanished. By definition, he is most likely traveling at or close to the speed of light (or...if one wants to use science fiction concepts like warp in Star Trek...even faster) He would in that case age slower then his counterparts at the project. Then there is that possibility that he is outside of time (as I said before) during the time in-between his leaps...and he might not age at all during those moments.

Hence...Sam may be much younger then he would be if he were experiencing linear time as we do.
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