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I find the whole thing a bit tricky. Yes, technically Sam did commit adultery despite the fact that he didn't know he was married. However, do I believe he was truly morally wrong? No. Simply because it was not a deliberate decision to cheat or anything that he let unfold with the knowledge that he was married. Therefore I don't believe it's fair to truly hold him accountable for his actions. If he is never told that he's married is he supposed to hold back the rest of his life because he might be married?

In the case of Beth she was technically still married to Al when she met and began seeing her next husband. If Beth had no confirmation that Al was alive or dead, I believe under technicality she'd still be a married woman. Unlike Sam, Beth does know she is married which is where the difference comes in. I believe she'd have to have Al declared legally dead in order for her to move on, but that's just my take on the whole thing.
- Chris

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