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I beleive that is exactly why Beth had him declared dead. The show never showed her doing anything except talking and being held in MIA. I doubt seriously that Beth would go any further until she knew she was unemcumbered. Thus I do not believe that she did anything immoral.

Believe me, I understand that "Sam didn't know." However, there is a concept of "sin or commission" and "sin of omission." In Sam's case, it would be a "sin of omission." As I said before, Al and Donna COULD have made sure that Sam knew. They chose not to. Their's would be a "sin of commission" because it was thought out and acted on. Would Sam have to face up to his actions someday? Who knows. That's not for me or anyone else on this plane of existance to decide. Since he is answering the call of GFTW, perhaps he will be given special consideration. I don't know. But it is a moral dilemma at this point (at least from my standpoint.)

Basically though, the best way to get out of this dilemma altogether is to figure that Donna is a variable. She is NOT always Sam's wife from Star Crossed. Sometimes she is there (like in the Leap Back) but most times (maybe all other times), she's not (therefore Al is NEVER lieing to Sam and Sam is not commiting adultery at all (not married, no adultery.)

But then, if you accept that premise, you don't have the long suffering Donna back at the project, pinning her heart away for years on end, hoping that SOMEDAY her love will return to her (before she likely becomes wrinkled and addled with alzheimer's.) But hey...that's canon. When you add in the other piece of canon (Dr. Sam Beckett NEVER returned home) then you have Donna dieing without EVER being with Sam again. Oh yes...true and undying love is SOOOOO beautiful when it ends like that!

Again...Bellasario was not putting this story in for the right reasons. He was fighting with his wife. And having Donna back at the project would taint the vision Deborah Pratt painted in Trilogy. It was almost as bad as the third black screen.

All this being said...believe it or not, I do like Donna (at least the first one.) I just think she and Sam have been given a raw deal that shouldn't have even happened.

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