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So, a $400 T-shirt with a free handlink? You're a master at making people think they have a fantastic bargain. A fool such as myself would make the T shirt look like a free product, and the time and effort $400.

I'm not putting you down, don't worry. I've gained +1 skill in trade. Be proud. You're making me into a crafty bloke.

Although I guess everyone is right. Universal do own the copyright, and would demand an arm and a leg for production.

If I were you, I'd stick with your idea, but if anyone in America is anything like anyone over here, they'd kill you for selling a T shirt at $400. What I've learned to do for anything like this, is, sell the first few at about $150 (covering the price of the shirt and handlink so people think they have a bargain), then every week, increase the price by %15 until you finally reach $400.

Apologies if the idea seems a little unrealistic.

Also, is there any chance of you putting some of the handlink replicas on I'd pay for the shipping to Europe and everything.
If so, don't stick them up on Amazon yet, just in case I decide against purchasing a replica (however excellent they are, over here in England, we're being taxed to death by the Government, so I'd also think about saving my money for a time I really require it).
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