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Originally Posted by asearcher
You might be able to offer it but not as a Quantum Leap handlink. It's the association with QL, Al, Ziggy, and all of that that gets one into hot water. If someone were to call this something COMPLETELY different with NO association to any intellectual property (copywrite, trademark, patent) then there is the possibility of sales.

Look at the costumes for Halloween as an example. There may be "space cadet" costumes that look earilly familiar to ST fans. BUT it will NEVER be an exact duplicate. The exact duplicate (or so close that it becomes obvious that is what you're doing) is what gets you into trouble without licensing fees. Course, that's also what a lot of fans want.

It's a tricky system to work through.
Thats a good suggestion Helen but thats near an impossible trick for the handlink because its a very unique gadget. There is really nothing he could pull off passing it off as. That is unless he designed it slightly differently and said it was a fancy calculater. But I doubt he would opt for that since he seems to want it to somehow remain a QL product to appeal to QL fans. Othereise he would not be asking for ways to get copyright permission.

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