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Default Re: Intellectual Property

I got that. Trust me, I'm not blind to what the point is in this thread. I don't appreciate the implication that I had to have the issues explained to me.

What I was getting at is the issue with licensing. As has been stated time and time again throughout this thread...the chances of getting QL licensing privledges at a cost effective level are thin and none. This was just a suggestion of HOW it MIGHT be done.

As to it being 'unique,' well, hate to say it but those ST costumes are pretty unique as well. There's no mistaking 'what' the cheap knock offs are trying to portray. That's the whole point...getting something that looks ENOUGH like something.

It's also the reason why people who really WANT an 'authentic' usually end up making things themselves (including ST uniforms...I've seen some that are spot on...incredibly detailed.) It's pretty much impossible to purchase the things. You can always hire someone to do it, I guess, but then it's a one on one transaction and TPTB (intellectual property wise) are unlikely to mind too much about that. Unlikely being the key word.
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