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I posted just about a year ago about this, and I will do it once more to expand on new sentiments.

I was watching the episode last night, and I was thinking how much of an impact Sam had on me at the time. I had tried to be a good person beforehand (I was only nineteen when I first saw the show in '89), but at the time, I had no idea who I wanted to be, so in a way, I 'became' him for a while (looking back on it, I find it quite amusing - I used to comb my hair to try and make myself even look like him, and funnily enough, sometimes it worked*) Anyway, that behaviour stuck with me, and eventually, Quantum Leap became more than just a show to me.

I loved the whole concept of somebody helping others, making the world a better place. I always liked to imagine that there really was - it's a very comforting thought.
But years later, that episode came along, and ruined the whole concept for me - 'Oh, there's a good person here, so we'll throw in someone else to make it more interesting' is basically what they were saying by writing this. The episodes containing the Evil Leapers always seemed 'tacky' to me, concentrated more on the sci-fi element than the drama element.
Contradicted the story, didn't work for the show, and at the time I felt distressed. You may say it's only a TV show, but at the time, the last five years I spent trying to redeem myself for my behaviour in the past nineteen years, and as soon as they ruin the concept, they shatter my illusion.

That is why I feel more strongly about the Evil Leapers than a lot of people. Say what you want, the whole thing may seem silly, but if you had known me at the time before I saw Quantum Leap, you'd understand.

*Doesn't work anymore, though

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