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I have to say I have favorites in all the seasons. But the ones that I really move me are season three Leap home Pts1 and two cry with part 1.
I have seen that at least 5times already this week again.
I love the episode of Jimmy it makes me cry and touches my heart the relationship with Cory. He is a gem.
I also love in that same season Freedom, Another Mother, Thou Shall Not,
So help Me God,
In season Three besides the above mention I also love 8 1/2 months,
Future boy, Shock theater for how powerful it is and heartbreaking,
Deep Miss South only for Scott singing of Great balls of fire.
Black on White Fire that just is so powerful there are no words.
In season four I love the leap back, And Song for soul the ending is so touching. The actress who sings the gospel song is so talented.
Again except for the evil leapers I love most of season five especially Promise Land. I cry at the end.
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