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hmmm.... I never read this thread before.

I had thought this was about that Trey Callaway script or some incarnation of it. I had read about Deborah's plans in the beginning but completely forgot about it until now.

I hate to sound cynical but I think I dismissed it because I figured she was not legally in a position to make it. It turns out I was right, though its Don not Universal. She got much farther than I thought. Its odd that she did realize he could block it.

hmmmm again... Not sure what to think about all this.....

Obviously our best chance to ask about this and convince Don to change his mind is at the convention.

I always preferred a series of tv movies. Staring Scott and Dean. Basically more of what the show already was. I have never really been sold on the new Leaper idea. Even is she is Sam's daughter.

There is only one Scott Bakula. The range of skills he brought to the show is going to be hard to duplicate. Actor, Singer, Athlete, etc, etc!!!

Maybe if they did 2 or 3 traditional QL tv movies THEN it would be time to create a spin off Pilot movie. Otherwise a single movie has too many jobs to perform. It would need to be a sequel to the TV series. Somehow addressing the end of "Mirror Image" Plus the time that has elapsed since then at the Project. The future was 2000 then! Its 9 years later. Rightfully it should still be in our future. Maybe 2015. What has happened to Al since?

Once that is all out of the way you need to setup the new characters. Or reestablish if its Sammy Jo. Its going to have to work for new viewers. Its can't just be for us who know the minutiae of the show.

Oh, and hopefully it will have a good story once that is all done. A classic QL scenario of ordinary people whose lives must be put right.

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