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Originally Posted by ChickenStu View Post
He was at London Comic Con 2009. I'm sorry to say that he came across as kind of a jerk. His autograph was stupidly expensive (but like an idiot I still paid to get it) and he was charging more than anyone else there.
He was also refusing to have his photo taken with fans.

I still took a cheeky photo anyway though, lol.

When I met him, told him I was a huge fan of the show he was just like "yeah yeah, that's great" and I was kind of waved along so he could meet this next person in the queue. Made me feel kind of worthless actually.

So guys, there you go. That's what your hero is like in real life.
I'm sorry you had a negative experience. I was at the same event and it was a totally different story for me.
Were you on a high ticket and therefore late in the day?
As time goes on, the stars are more pressured to get through the remaining signings. They are TOLD to stop personalizing autographs and not to stop for photos or handshakes etc.
Look at it from their point of view, sitting for hours on end signing photo after photo - it is a wonder they don't get RSI.

I was lucky enough to be there early [even though it meant being up at 5am and waiting outside for an hour and a half!] At the start, he was relaxed and friendly and very generous.

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