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Originally Posted by ohboy View Post
I'm sure some people remember back when Quantum Leap came onto ION Television, about three years back. That was really the first exposure I've had to the series at all, and really the first time that I've heard about it. Since, at that time, I watched a lot of prime time the station offered (Who's the Boss? and The Drew Carey Show being among the time QL was on), I sort of fell into watching it. I didn't really get really attached to the show until about the second season, but now I love it and am so glad that I started getting into it.

After ION started getting into dramas and away from sitcoms (and they took QL off), I stopped watching the station. But I still love QL and own all the DVD sets, so at least I can thank them for that. I'll admit that I do like the moral tone that the show takes, but it does such a good job of blending so many different genre elements into one show, without becoming inconsistent (unlike some sitcoms, where it looks forced or cliche when they do a tear-filled "special episode").

I remember - we were both on that board and this one. That's when I discovered ION. I love that station, even though they shuffle the lineups too often and unexpectedly. They always offer shows that we can watch as a family without squirming or fast-forwarding.

I can't believe Quantum Leap isn't being shown in the US in syndication today. Glad I have so many recorded. I watch the holiday episodes at appropriate times through the year.
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