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I think I said this a few years ago when we were both more active, Angvee, but I should say it again. Forgive me if this sounds crude or harsh, but I think it's important I say it.

You don't have to apologize for your questions. Actually, if you have a question, you should ask it. The worst that's going to happen is that nobody will answer it, but on a site that this's considerate and caring, that's not going to happen. Your questions actually can make us think about Quantum Leap in a different way than we normally would, and it keeps the site viable.

However, you should stop making threads that highlight that. If you want to improve the way you ask questions or facilitate discussions, which it sounds like from the apology, just keep contributing to the threads. Carefully read others' postings, and try to emulate what they do. It's like playing a sport, though. You can watch soccer (or football :P ) for years, and still be terrible because you've never actually played the sport. So, just keep practicing posting, be more aware of your content, and I swear to you that you'll stop being the "silly-billy" and get to the quality that you would like to. And remember this: true geniuses never have to explain themselves. Wonderful literature or arts or conversationalists will attract others like a magnet, so just post, be mindful, and don't worry. You're among friends, and I personally enjoy and will continue to enjoy your contributions to discussions. Highlighting the issue, in this case, is probably not going to be very productive.
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