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I think that what makes one a "true" fan is quite simple: one's love for the show. What that love means and how it manifests itself is probably different for each person, but I think that what is common to all fans is the fact that they make the show / music / etc. that they love a part of their lives. And there's a certain beauty to that, as long as their lives aren't taken over by their fandom, of course.

My love of QL, and of the other shows I consider myself a fan of, has its roots in finding a kinship of thought with the ideas presented in these shows, which I rarely find in the "real world". Whether it's a character that displays a worldview similar to my own or whether the story conveys an idea that I have as well but never quite find the courage to express, I'm always drawn to the way in which a story offers me possible answers to questions, confirms theories that I have developed myself, or pushes me to ask new questions.

I don't believe you have to know EVERYTHING about a show to call yourself a fan. I probably know very little of the plot of each individual QL episode since I only watched the series once, but I loved it, and to me, that's enough. I do believe, however, that a big part of the pleasure of discovering a show you love is being able to take your time and see new things in it every time you watch an episode. A good TV experience or a good piece of music can be extremely helpful when in need of escaping the "real world" for a while.

And, as angvee says, the other fans are interesting in themselves. Being a fan of something automatically creates common ground with other people and an opportunity for communication. I think that's a great way to meet new people. Of course, none of us here have actually met, but we are communicating and that's fantastic.
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