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Originally Posted by MichelleD View Post
They don't even play Disco Inferno on G4, and they don't have it on Netflix either. I believe it's only available on DVD.
There goes my brilliant plan of watching on G4....

Originally Posted by MichelleD View Post
I love the Leap Back...The scene in the diner alone makes that one worth watching. Shock Theater is great, but it's hard for me to watch.
I feel like the diner scene (and so many others) display the winning chemistry between Scott and Dean that made the show so addictive. I think that's why it's my favorite too. Shock Theater is also my fave because it was so unexpected and I didn't know what would happen. Plus Scott's acting is brilliant. Why is it hard for you?

Originally Posted by MichelleD View Post
I didn't like the way they ended it either, but I've read they didn't know until the last minute whether the show would be renewed or not and were trying to keep it open in case they renewed it. I agree the wording on the sign should have been something like "they're still trying to bring Sam home", that would have been much better. It ended too soon.
I agree entirely. The finality of those words is what is so hard to take. Of course, Scott has said in interview that he doesn't believe Sam would choose to come home in the end, so maybe that was the ultimate destiny the show would have arrived at if given its chance to run longer...
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