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As another cheer roared from the gathering crowd by the lakeside, Sam started to relax. He began to enjoy the feeling as the coolness of the breeze eased the heat of the sun. The bounce from the wake of the small speed boat abated as he steered himself into the calmer waters. The spiking hardness no longer cutting into the soles of his feet; or was it the fact that his feet had become numb from the bite of the water. Whichever the case, he felt an inner calm. Now he was wondering, <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> ?Why haven?t I tried this before. This is great.? <!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> "Whoo-ho!" He shouted, now that the initial shock of the takeoff relinquished, he now felt in total control.

The engine?s revs ceased a little and the boat began to swing round into a steep arch. He was following, he had no choice; but his arch took an extremely deeper curve. It was like being on the outside edge of a round-a-bout, the type with chains, that swung out more, the faster it went. The gravitational pull momentarily whipping his breath away. "Ya-haaa!" He yelled with the thrill of this new experience.

The arch completed, the boat?s powerful engine throttled up once more, pulling its skier back to an even momentum. The dots of the distant crowd grew quickly into cheering faces and waving arms. He dared to release a hand to signal back, fleetingly taking his eyes from the waters ahead.

As he returned his attention to the boat in front, a graying white ski slope loomed ahead. What went through the head of Doctor Beckett at that moment was anyone?s guess. He grasped firmly with both hands onto the wooden handle; he prepared himself for the jump. His muscles tensed, awaiting for the time of their release. <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> ?I must time this perfectly,? <!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> he thought, <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> ?if I don?t get this right, I could wind up with something broken, at worst my neck.? <!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> The concentration was evident in the young scientist?s face.

Just as he reached its base, in stark contrast to the deeper blue of the sky, the white light of the Imaging Chamber door opened, knocking Sam completely out of sync. His muscles recoiled too soon and he flew uncontrollably and headlong towards the peak of the ramp. In an instinctive reaction his whole body twisted and turned in midair, trying desperately to change the course and direction his body was taking. Sam didn?t hear the howls and screams from the bank, he was too busy.
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