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Default Round Robin 2 -- Al's place exclusive (no title yet)

Sam walked inside of the boathouse. It was small and cramped. Things were thrown all over the place. A large man, who Sam guessed was Brent, was standing over a plug in burner stove. Billy and Sam walked. Once inside, Billy continued walking to a room in the back.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp ?How?s my babe?? Brent asked as he approached Sam smiling. He moved into kiss ?her?, but Sam pushed him away. He grabbed ?her? arm, pushing it aggressively behind ?her?. ?Look, babe! I?m the boss. Men are the ones in charge of relationships, not *****es like you.?
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Sam felt like giving this guy a lesson against the younger man sexist and aggressive ways, especially since his baby sister fell and married the same type once. ?I?m just not in the mood, ok!? Sam stated angrily.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Brent let go of his arm. ?Look!? he said backing away from the other person. ?Just because you wiped out on the lake today, doesn?t mean that you can take it out on me!?
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp ?I have to use the bathroom to change,? Sam said, grabbing a small pink duffle bag from the door that he guessed was the leapee?s. He looked around, and figured out that it was the door to the right of the kitchen down the small hallway.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp When he got there, Billy was already in there, and Sam accident opened the door to find Billy holding a bottle of prescription diet pills, and was about to pop three of them into his mouth. A bottle of warm beer rested on the counter. Billy had his shirt off now, and he looked like a ghastly vampire of a man who Sam once remembered seeing on a teenager?s wall during the 21st century.
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