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Default Re: Round Robin 2 : Part Eleven

The wind on the rock face was increasing, blowing Bent?s hair as he leaned forward and over the unconscious Sam, but all he saw was Connie, his Connie, she wouldn?t leave him now, not after she?d had what was on offer. His fingers trembled with excitement as he easily unfastened the buttons of Connie?s blouse, but it wasn?t fast enough for him and he tore at the remainder. He pulled open the blouse revealing her perfectly rounded bosom. He lowered himself even more and kissed her neck. He could feel her warmth, smell her perfume, he breathed it in, reveling in her aroma.

A blue haze surrounded Sam?s motionless form, intensifying into a white, blinding and electrifying flash of light, as it dissipated Sam was gone, replaced by a disorientated admiral.

At first Al hadn?t a clue as to what had happened, but feeling an intense weight on his shoulders he struggled to remove it.

Feeling Connie?s movements Brent tried to hold the struggling admiral down. He lifted his head so that he could straighten his arms for more leverage, giving Al the chance for a full on power whack, straight under the jaw.

Brent?s teeth rattled and his eyes went <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> ?tilt?<!--EZCODE ITALIC END-->; he toppled back landing in an untidy heap on his butt.

Al shook his head trying to clear the fuzzy feeling of a <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> ?cotton candy noggin?<!--EZCODE ITALIC END-->. Then he noticed the clothes; a pair of sneakers, a floral skirt around his upper thighs, the unbuttoned and torn blouse and when he saw <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> ?the brassiere?<!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> that was too much. Al jumped up in dismay and looked around at his surroundings.

A similar blue haze surrounded Brent?s immobile form as Sam replaced his aura. Sam didn?t notice the change at first, not until he saw Connie twirling about in front of him. He noticed her torn and disheveled clothing, the confusion on her beautiful face. "Connie?"

Al turned. "You rat!" He yelled. "You tried to..." He strode over to Sam and kicked him in the stomach.

"No Connie! No!" Sam huffed. "You don?t underst..." He yelled back at the angry Connie.

Al took another swing, but Sam caught the fist in his hand.

Immediately the pair morphed, Sam saw Al and Al, Sam.

"Al? What the?" Sam?s confusion was obviously frank.

"Sam!" Al voiced in irrefutable delight. "You?re okay buddy. Hey Sam."

"What? How?..." Sam questioned, his brow creasing, he released Al?s hand. "A-a-a-l-l!!!"

"I can explain Sam." Al?s face changed, " but I don?t know how."

"Oh my God!" Sam said slowly as realisation dawned, then euphoria took over. "You leaped Al, didn?t you? Al you leaped! Do you know what this means Al?"

Al shook his head dumbfounded.

Sam watched mimicking his friend. "No, neither do I."

Al plonked himself down next to Sam and the two looked at each other.

"So what do we do now Sam?" Al asked for a suggestion.

Sam?s face remained blank. "Dunno, what do you suggest?"

A voice called out and the red hair of Bobby appeared over the crest. "You okay Connie, I heard some yellin? so I thought I?d come and see if everything?s all right." Then he saw Brent. "Hello Brent, you two make it up then?"

Al and Sam gave a half smile at the grinning Bobby and Al felt at his clothing for the familiar hand-link.

"I think we?ve got a big problem Sa... Brent." Al corrected himself.

"What?s that my sweet?" Sam smiled sarcastically at Al, keeping up the pretense in front of Bobby.

"We don?t have a... umm, umm" Al made a square shape in the air and the jabbed with a finger.

"We could always get a rental down at the boat yard." Bobby grinned and held back his red hair as it blew awry with a gust of wind.

Al raised his eyebrows. "That?s an idea, do you think we could get a rental?"

Sam pursed his lips and jerked his jaw. ", I?ll go and see. Shall I?" Sam rose to his feet and climbed up the crag and strode back to the cabin, leaving Al behind, he looked back a couple of times to see if Al was following but he continued alone.
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