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I liked the ones where he leapt into people that were GUILTY of something!

"Her Charm" although it's not until the middle to end that you realize it!

"8 & 1/2 Months"... she WAS a bit of a floozie for gettin' knocked up! Seriously though, I liked it because of the emotions of still sticking with your family... despite the mistakes that they make! And making them realize their love and responsibilities!

"Southern Comforts" Runnin' a CATHOUSE??!!

"Last Dance Before An Execution"... 'nuff said! My personal favorite "controversial episode!"

"Justice" Being embroiled in the deep south, and realizing that yes he was a sympathiser for the civil rights, but still having to play the role until it just couldn't be done any more. Makes you realize where in the original history the man Sam leapt into couldn't do it!

"Raped" Not guilty, but there was some doubt as to her "role" in the situation. Sam went with his gut, and it was the truth! Thank God!

"A Single Drop Of Rain" Sam has leapt into a good man, who is unfortunately a sham artist!

"Running for Honor""Does it matter?" I loved that line!

"Lee Harvey Oswald" and Pt 2... 'nuff said!

"Killing Time" Leon Stiles is a convicted murderer... and he has to maintain the illusion of who he supposedly is, and ends up breaking the 'rules'...

"Promised Land"The three brothers are wrongfully screwed out of money, but end up taking the law into their own hands.

"A Tale Of Two Sweeties" A Bigimist (sp?)

Like other members, my personal favorites are "Raped" and "Running For Honor"

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