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Originally Posted by TheLeaper View Post
Other than the pilot, are there any other episodes that imply that leaping is not instantaneous?
Directly, no, however, I concur with this statement:

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
Leaping from "Black on White on Fire" where Sam is badly beaten, bloody and bruised, to "The Great Spontini" where he is completely healed. Time must have passed to allow him to heal...
That he is able to go from one leap to another without maintaining any prospective injury establishes that there must be an in-between state in which he is healed or the fact that he was injured erased.

Lightning and I actually discussed a theory that Billy Jean's baby in '8 1/2 Months' most sensibly remained in a void between the two time periods since Billy Jean's womb was found to be empty and clearly Sam cannot carry it (that he felt the sensations of carrying it were obviously a form of mind-merging, although mind-merging wasn't officially discovered yet this is not the only premature case of it).

Tina actually suggests the exact same theory using a bullet in the novel 'Foreknowledge'.

It's also arguable that 'Mirror Image' occurred in Sam's subconscious while he was in between leaps given the strange circumstances.

From Sam's perspective, however, it seems to appear instantaneous.

Originally Posted by blue_enigma
Bellisario and Pratt were on the verge of splitting up around this time. There were rumors among fans that Bellisario intentionally messed with the character that Pratt created out of spite. I'm not sure how accurate that is -- I only know about it via hearsay.
This is new information to me, interesting.
Though I'm not seeing how that supposed rumor fits with the fact that it was Pratt that didn't appreciate Donna being reacknowledged in a form that made Sam's inappropriate feat in 'Star-Crossed' successful in this episode (among other things) and had tried to use Trilogy to justify disregarding that.

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