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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
If it can be done tactfully, I think a broad discussion about the character of Donna can include the motivations going on behind the scenes. It's no secret that Don threw a monkey wrench (spanner?) into Deborah Pratt's plans for the Trilogy story.
I concur.

The motivation behind the characterizations can be an important factor in understanding a character and we the fans are not responsible for the facts of this matter being unpleasant.

As far as I've seen no one has thus far judged the personal negative influence behind the Sam/Donna relationship in this episode.

IMO, although Sam's contributing behavior was somewhat OOC for a man who had been established to be romantic, that he was more attentive to PQL than his marriage is quite an adequate portrayal when you consider 'Mirror Image', that ultimately he valued leaping more than home and his own life.

It also kind of works with Sam's in-leap sexual encounters.

That he was inconsiderate of Donna in the climax of this episode goes hand and hand with how he didn't consider his own marital status with Diane McBride (his reluctance was all about her marriage, his only reservation was that he'd be taking advantage of her ignorance) and even his brief musing of his home life in 'Disco Inferno' which reflexively included a dog rather than a spouse or children.
This suggests that he could still forget to consider her even with his memory of her intact.
I realize that this paints a sh***y picture of Sam but it's rational.

Personally, however, I've become quite comfortable with the head-canon that his marriage to Donna was rubber-banded sometime between this episode and 'Temptation Eyes'.

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