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Kicking off the fourth season with a bang, The Leap Back is extremely close to reaching my top 10 episodes of all time.

After the climatic events of the previous episode, Sam and Al switch places. Finally, Sam has made it home!... Of course, because this is the season premiere, we know that the status quo will be resumed before the episode is out, but even so, I think this is one of the most touching and funniest episodes in the whole series.

The first part of the episode is probably my favourite. I love that we're back in the 40's because it's a time we never get to see at all in QL. I also love seeing Sam reacting to everything as a hologram and just generally having run. The whole part in the diner is great, too. And honestly, the dialog here between Sam and Al (largely thanks to each absorbing some of the others traits) is pure gold at times. Really funny stuff.

The main bulk and core of this episode really takes place at Project Quantum Leap in the present day. I cherish these moments because we rarely get to even have a glimpse at the present day and the project, so I always like it when we get to see it. I also loved Deborah Pratt as Ziggy. Sensual, witty, sassy. Everything you could wish for in a hybrid computer, really. And of was great to see Donna again. Yes, I would have liked Teri Hatcher to come back, but I do still like Mimi Kuzyk in the role. I just wish we'd get a mention of her again in the series. I hate how she's completely ignored by both Deborah and Don in the Trilogy episodes and Mirror Image.

There are some negative impacts in this episode. First of all, the whole stuff with the leapee and his lost love are basically background filler, really. I think more could have been done there to try and sell the relationship between them. Another thing that I class as a the missed potential. I really think this episode could have been a two or three parter. I think they were too quick in putting Sam and Al back in their respective places. I really think there was potential for Sam to remain the observer for a while.

My rating. Excellent. A truly tremendous start to the fourth season. Another great episode from the Don himself.
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